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Alejandro Corvera

Ph.D. candidate in cultural studies, Colegio de la Frontera Norte

Residency: September 2018 – December 2018

Research Project: Between the Classroom and Everyday Life Experiences: Code Negotiations and Pedagogical Practices in the Digital Age

Research Interests: Education; pedagogical discourse; cultural studies; ICT appropriation; children and digital media; digital communication processes


Alejandro Corvera is a Ph.D. student in cultural studies at Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana. He received a B.A. in communication from Universidad Iberoamericana, a M.A. in social communication from Universidad de Guadalajara and an advanced studies diploma in psychology and education from Universidad de Alcalá, in Madrid, where he worked for the Centro Internacional de Formación Financiera in the academic department.

His dissertation research explores formal education and ICT appropriation amongst elementary school students in Tijuana. Corvera presents a case study for an in depth analysis of negotiation strategies developed by children in a technological and mediated ecosystem. In this context, he discusses the relation between legitimate knowledge and emerging literacies as categories to approach children and their digital media uses in a pedagogical frame. With an ethnographic and netnographic mixed strategy, Corvera studies the articulation of educational processes and pedagogical practices amongst boys and girls in three mayor socialization matrixes: school (teachers), home (family) and leisure-entertainment (peer group). His research enunciates the social representations and symbolic constructions of digital media and its relevance for children in Tijuana’s border life, a context intersected with diverse economic dynamics and distinctive cultural signs in a binational scenario; all those elements are suggested as relevant considerations for the public educational system in the convergence culture and digitization of everyday life, in particular, for the pedagogical praxis as a located and contextualized practice in the global network society.