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Mexico Moving Forward 2015

This daylong symposium was a forum for thoughtful discussions on the country’s achievements and challenges, as well as the opportunities to chart a course over the next three years to recapture the “Mexico moment.”

Welcome remarks
with Peter Cowhey and Denise Moreno Ducheny

Session I – Recapturing the Mexico Moment
Carlos Capistran, Pablo Chico Hernandez, Leonardo Curzio, Paz Consuelo Marquez-Padilla
Moderated by Chris Wilson

Afternoon remarks
with Remedios Gomez Arnau and William Ostick

Session II – The Progress and Pitfalls of Structural Reforms
with Ernesto Canales, Claudio X. Gonzalez, Judith Mariscal, Jeremy Martin
Moderated by David Shirk

Session III – Transforming Mexico
with Hernan Fernandez, Andrea Giralt, Jose Merino
Moderated by Alberto Diaz Cayeros


USMEX has one of the largest residential fellowship programs in the U.S. for research on Mexico. Each year we bring together Scholars from the social sciences and related fields to engage with our community of students, faculty and the San Diego community.

USMEX Scholar: Alfonso Hernandez-Valdez

USMEX Scholar: Maya Duru

USMEX Scholar: Jasper Vanhaelemeesch

USMEX Scholar: Victor Remigio Martinez Cantu

USMEX Scholar: Victor A. Hernandez Huerta

USMEX Scholar: Daniel Klooster

USMEX Residential Fellowship Program

Mexico's Challenges and Opportunities - From a USMEX Scholar's Perspective

Mexico's Challenges and Opportunities - From a USMEX Scholar's Perspective

USMEX Scholar: Sebastian Garrido de Sierra

USMEX Scholar: Michael Lettieri

USMEX Scholar: Morris Levy

USMEX Scholar:
Casey Lurtz

USMEX Scholar: Marco Morales

USMEX Scholar: Veronica Pacheco

USMEX Scholar: Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye

USMEX Scholar: Alexander Ruiz Euler

Mexico Moving Forward 2014

This daylong symposium engaged business leaders, policy makers and scholars in discussions on Mexico's progress and future goals 20 years after the signing of NAFTA.

Wednesday Keynote: "Mexico Under The 'New' PRI: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"
with Alberto Diaz-Cayeros and Denise Dresser

Welcome Keynote
with Antonio Ortiz-Mena

Session I – Mexico Looking Back: NAFTA at 20
with Peter Smith, Carlos Elizondo, Juan Gallardo and Kenneth Shwedel

Session II – Faces of Mexico: Arts and Culture
with Exequiel Ezcurra, Ignacio Duran, Monica Lavin, Luis Felipe Ortega and Manuel Paz Castillo

Session III – Mexico on the Move: Reforms for the 21st Century
with David Shirk, Edna Jaime, Juan Pardinas, Clare Seelke and Duncan Wood

Session IV – Mexico Looking Forward: Pacific Partnerships
with Gordon Hanson, Carlos Elizondo, Arturo Sarukhan and Susan Shirk

Closing Keynote – "Mexico and the U.S: Forever Together"
with Deborah Riner

Mexico: 20 Years after NAFTA

Watch now a four-part series featuring Mexico: 20 Years after NAFTA cosponsored by UC San Diego’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

"Mexico: Drugs and Violence - Can Recent Progress be Sustained?"

"NAFTA - A 20-year assessment with David Shirk"

"Mexico today: Changing Cities in the 21st Century"

"Mexico Migration to the United States"

"Mexican Democracy in Comparative Perspective"