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Mexican Migration Field Research Program (MMFRP)

The Mexican Migration Field Research Program (MMFRP) is a unique, year-long program for undergraduate and graduate students who want an in-depth, community-based research practicum focused on international migration.

Students involved in MMFRP work directly with migrant families and often describe their participation as a life-changing experience. Participants may be able to use the MMFRP to satisfy international field experience requirements, obtain data for thesis projects and expand their publications records.

This year, students will conduct interviews and surveys with deportees living in migrant shelters in Tijuana and with high school students with migration experience at schools in San Diego and Tijuana. The data gathered will shed light on how migration affects families and people’s lives on both sides of the border.

To participate, students are required to participate in a series of classes:

  • Fall 2018: Sociology 133 – Immigration in Comparative Perspective (4 units)
  • Winter 2019: Sociology/Urban Studies and Planning 188 – Mexican Migration Field Research Practicum (8 units, including travel and fieldwork in Tijuana)
  • Spring 2019: Sociology 109M – Research Reporting (4 units)

All three quarters are mandatory, though exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Spanish proficiency is highly recommended.

The application process for is now closed for 2018-19. The deadline to apply each year is Sept. 1. For more information, please contact