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Froylán Enciso Higuera

Ph.D. candidate in history, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Residency: September 2013 – June 2014

Research Project: Made in Sinaloa: From the Regional to the Global History of the Mexican War on Drugs, 1909-1985

Research Interests: drugs, history of journalism


Froylán Enciso is a Sinaloa-born doctoral student at the department of history with a degree in international relations from El Colegio de México (2002). He also served as president of the Graduate Student Organization (2010-2011) at his university. His project traces the history of drug dealing in Sinaloa, the birthplace of one of the most violent and successful drug organizations in the western hemisphere. Prior to his life as a graduate student, Enciso was a researcher for The Los Angeles Times, a consultant for the Network of Diplomatic Archives at the Ibero-American Summit and a research assistant for various academic institutions, publishing houses and media outlets. Enciso has published more than forty academic works, including books, articles and reviews, and more than one hundred journalistic articles. He has given more than fifty conference papers and presentations in the Americas and Europe. His academic work has been reviewed by The New Yorker, CUNY TV, USA Today, Reuters and the Columbia Journalism Review, among many others, and he has won honorable mentions in national prizes for diplomatic and contemporary history.