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Kathy Kopinak

Professor of sociology, University of Western Ontario

Residency: January 2014 – June 2014

Research Project: The Role of the Maquiladora Industry and Gender in Labour Migration from Morocco to Spain and Mexico to the U.S.

Research Interests:gender and development, globalization, international migration, political sociology, sociology of the environment, sociology of work and occupations, urban sociology, U.S.-Mexican borderland studies


Kathy Kopinak is a Canadian sociologist who began formal research on northern Mexico in the early eighties when North America's old industrial heartland started to dramatically transfer production to the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. Research in the last two decades has included the study of the labor process in Mexican maquiladora industries, the gendered division of labor in northern Mexico, environmental impacts of Mexican industrialization, the relationship between maquiladora employment and migration, and the influence of Mexican export industries on the growth and character of regional and global economies.