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Jaime Arredondo

Ph.D. candidate in global public health, UC San Diego

Residency: September 2015 – May 2016

Research Project: Police and Public Health: Decriminalization on the ground with the Tijuana Police Department

Research Interests:police, public health and Mexico


Jaime Arredondo is a Ph.D. candidate in global public health at UC San Diego. His research centers on developing more sophisticated analytical skills and research techniques to analyze the effect of policing practices as a major driver of HIV transmission, particularly in the U.S.–Mexico border region.

Arredondo is collaborating with the UC San Diego Division of Global Public Health on its El Cuete, Phase IV project. Funded by the National Institute of Health, the project aims to identify how formal law enforcement policies can affect HIV risk behavior among injection drug users (IDU) amid improving occupational safety of police officers in Tijuana, Mexico. Arredondo argues the development of adequate police education programs can help build tools to increase occupational safety, and a public health perspective that incorporates HIV prevention and harm reduction strategies.