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Raquel Pacheco

Ph.D. candidate in sociocultural anthropology, UC San Diego

Residency: September 2015 – November 2015

Research Project: The Promise of Intimate Modernity: The Heterogeneous Renegotiation of Huastecan Nahuas and Teenek’s Sexual and Gendered Citizenship in Mexico

Research Interests: citizenship; modernity; migration; gender and sexuality; and indigenous peoples


Raquel Pacheco is a Ph.D. candidate in sociocultural anthropology at UC San Diego. She holds a master’s in Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Pacheco’s dissertation examines how the Nahuas and Teenek indigenous groups in Mexico are repositioning themselves amid the Mexican state deploying an apparatus of institutions and campaigns that discipline its citizenry into ideals of gender egalitarianism, women’s empowerment and the superiority of small nuclear families.

Examining this dynamic through the lens of the Nahuas and Teenek—who are encouraged to engage in modern gender and sexual practices but asked to tread between peasant subsistence in their rural territories and wage labor in more economically buoyant regions of Mexico—Pacheco discovers the modalities of flexible labor continue to steer them toward racial and gendered labor niches in cities such as Monterrey. Pacheco’s research is supported by the University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States.