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Thomas Passananti

Associate professor of history, San Diego State University

Residency: September 2016 – May 2017

Research Project: Managing Globalization: The Politics of Finance in Porfirian Mexico

Research Interests: political and economy history; international financial history; state formation; social basis of dictatorships; and transnational history


Thomas Passananti is an associate professor of history at San Diego State University (SDSU), where he teaches courses in Mexican and Latin American history and on the history of the global economy. He received his doctorate from the University of Chicago. He is a returning USMEX Fellow who completed a 2006-07 residency and has been a visiting professor at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Prior to SDSU, he held visiting positions at UC San Diego and Colgate University.

Passananti’s publications and research include work on the political and economy history of Porfirian Mexico, questioning the state’s relative autonomy, comparative economic history and historiography. He also has explored the founding of Banamex, Mexico’s international financial history and examined the Porfirian transnational history, comparative economic history and Mexican historiography.