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Teresita Rocha-Jimenez

Ph.D. candidate in Public Health, UC San Diego- San Diego State University

Residency: September 2018 – February 2019

Research Project: The Role of Migration and Mobility on Sexual and Mental Health at Mexico’s Northern and Southern Borders

Research Interests: migration; mobility; refugees; sex work; sex trafficking; border issues; structural determinants of health; HIV/STI research; substance use and misuse; harm reduction practices.


Teresita Rocha-Jimenez is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University joint doctoral program in public health. Her dissertation research goal explores how the influence of specific migration and mobility experiences impacts the mental and sexual health states of vulnerable populations, such as female sex workers (FSW) and recent migrants at Mexico’s northern and southern borders. This research aims to address more dynamic processes and non-linear migration and mobility patterns and how these impact populations’ health.

Rocha-Jimenez dissertation is based on quantitative analysis informed by ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Mexico’s northern and southern borders, where she has done participant observation and in-depth qualitative interviews with women sex workers and migrants in transit. In her research, she addresses the complexities of current migration and mobility patterns in order to analyze how experiences in the different stages of migration (e.g., origin, transit, destination and interception) may impact women sex workers and migrants health. This dissertation project has been possible through funding of CONACYT-UC MEXUS.