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Bruno Lopez-Videla

Ph.D. candidate in economics, UC San Diego

Residency: September 2019 – March 2020  

Research Project: Local Public Finances and Governance: Evidence from Mexico

Research Interests: development economics, political economy, public finance


Bruno Lopez-Videla is a Ph.D. candidate at the economics department at UC San Diego working in the intersection of development economics, political economy and public finance. His research focuses on understanding how political incentives affect how local governments finance their public expenditures and deliver public goods in contexts with low state capacity. In his research, Lopez-Videla uses novel empirical tools guided by economic models to increase our understanding of these topics and inform policymakers for a better implementation of policies.

Lopez-Videla’s work pays specific attention to providing causal evidence on the political drivers of the accumulation of local public debt. In another strand of his research, he also studies whether delegating local tax collection to upper levels of the government can increase revenue collection.