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Deisy Milena Sorzano

Ph.D. candidate in global development studies, UABC

Residency: September 2019 – November 2019

Research Project: Factores prolongados del conflicto armado en Colombia, según la perspectiva Farc-Ep


Deisy Milena Sorzano is a Ph.D. candidate in global development studies at Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). She holds an M. A. in social sciences with a specialty in regional studies from the Universidad de Quintana Roo. She has taught post and undergraduate courses such as economics, macroeconomics, strategic administration, international economics, amongst others. She has received training in national and international research stays by specialists and consultants, and has participated in academic events at universities in Mexico, Colombia and Spain.

Her dissertation research focus in identifying the social, economic and political factors that have perpetuated the conflict in Colombia from the historical study, background, causes, and implications for the country. Accordingly, the epicenter is the establishment of the prolonging factors of the Colombian armed conflict, a conflict that has extended for a period exceeding 50 years, being the only conflict with this peculiarity, which requires the analysis.