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Mariana Barragan Torres

Ph.D. Candidate in Education, UCLA

Non-Resident Fellow

Research Project: A comparative study of teaching in Mathematics in Chile, Colombia and México

Research Interests: Education policy, teaching quality, measurement in education, educational programs evaluation


Mariana Barragan Torres is a doctoral student in the Social Research Methodology program at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. Barragan Torres is interested in the intersection between measurement and evaluation of educational policies, particularly those related to teaching quality and teacher evaluation. Barragan Torres’ research area draws from her interest in bridging educational gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students in Mexico, Latin America and developing countries in general.

Barragan Torres' dissertation looks at classroom practices in Chile, Colombia and Mexico, the three Latin American countries taking part in the Teaching and Learning Survey (TALIS) Video Study (TVS), and how they vary in ways that reflect differences in terms of student socioeconomic background and school and teacher contexts. Chile, Colombia and Mexico share important similarities including high socioeconomic and educational inequalities but key differences in educational policies, especially with respect to teaching. Barragan Torres explores the construct invariance of instruction for two different measures in the TVS: observation scores and student ratings from surveys, and how these correlate with the socioeconomic status of students and schools in Chile, Colombia and Mexico.