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Photo of colorful flags strung across a building in Mexico; the right side has a dark blue overlay with the UC San Diego branded element of a stylized tridentSupport the Center for U.S. Mexican Studies

Established in 1980, the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies (USMEX) is the premier site for academic research on Mexico and the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico. Based at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy, the center focuses on research on a full range of issues affecting economic, social and political relations between Mexico and the U.S. It is a go-to source for rigorous academic research that can be applied to the creation, implementation and evaluation of public policy.

As a globally recognized incubator of academic analysis, USMEX has hosted more than 800 scholars through its prestigious fellows' program and produced thousands of pages of original work on cutting-edge issues related to immigration, reform, trade policy, inequality and democratization through a robust in-house research program.

Since its creation, the center has grown and adapted to address a new panorama of drug war violence, burgeoning cross-border economic activity and a bilateral relationship with significant local relevance. USMEX’s ability to remain at the forefront of issues and debates as they have shifted is a testament to the center’s vision — and the donors and friends who have supported the center.

For information on making a gift to USMEX, please contact Rafael Fernández de Castro or Angelica Ocampo.