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USMEX Today Podcast is a podcast about Mexico's economy, politics, society and their implications for international affairs, hosted by the center at the UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy. Subscribe to USMEX Today on Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play.


USMEX Fellow – Teresita Rocha

Teresita Rocha discusses homelessness and HIV/STI risk among women sex workers in Tijuana in her talk titled Homelessness and HIV/STI risk among a cohort of women sex workers on the border city of Tijuana, Mexico.

USMEX Fellow – Jose Bucheli

Jose Bucheli discusses the relationship between return migration and economic development in his talk titled Return Migration and Economic Development: Evidence from Mexico.

USMEX Fellow – Lynn Stephen

Lynn Stephen discusses how culture influences politics in her talk titled From Tlatelolco to Ayotzinapa: The Crónicas of Elena Poniatowska in Mexican Social Memory.

USMEX Fellow – Daniel Millan

Daniel Millan discusses immigration in his talk titled Household Instability and the Academic Performance of Latino Children of Immigrants.

USMEX Fellow – Albert Lopez

Albert Lopez discusses how architecture influences urban planning policies in his talk titled “Technical Architecture, Integral Planning, and Integration: an Architectural Foray into Politics and Policy-making in Mexico 1925-1955.

USMEX Fellow – Charlotte Gonzalez

Charlotte Gonzalez discusses the impacts of climate change on farming in Mexico in her talk titled Evaluating the Resilience of Mexican Farming to Climate Change.

USMEX Fellow – Abigail Thornton

Abigail Thornton discusses deportation from the United States to Mexico in her talk titled Constructing New Lives in Mexico Post-Deportation: What Reintegration Means for Former Residents of the Casa del Migrante en Tijuana.

USMEX Fellow – Kevin Middlebrook

Kevin Middlebrook discusses the effect that trade among the United States and Mexico has on labor rights in his talk titled Political Change from the Outside in: U.S. Trade Leverage and Labor-Rights Reform in Mexico.

USMEX Fellow – Helga Baitenmann

Helga Baitenmann discusses Emiliano Zapata’s historical legacy in her talk titled Zapata’s Justice: Land and Water Conflict Resolution in Revolutionary Mexico (1914–1916).