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Research in Chiapas


The priorities of faculty members and fellows greatly influence the focus of the work at the Center. Many research findings are integrated into the classroom curricula and provide students with practical field experience. In addition, the cross-disciplinary USMEX Research Associates help to identify new opportunities while maintaining awareness of existing projects.


The UC San Diego Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies commissioned this series of thought pieces for a forum hosted by the University of California and Tecnológico de Monterrey in Washington, D.C. entitled The Future of NAFTA and the State of U.S.-Mexico Relations

Cross Border

The Initiative addresses the critical need for reliable information and analysis, constructive dialogue and well-informed public policy decisions to advance California’s ties to Mexico, particularly its neighboring states of Baja California and Baja California Sur.

Public Health

Our work provides a basis for analysis of efforts to reduce inequality in access to care and increase efficiency of healthcare systems in Mexico. Interactive maps and data visualizations illustrate patterns of mortality for different age groups, genders, and places over time, empowering patients, practitioners, and policymakers.


Working Papers

A selection of papers from current and former Visiting Scholars and other affiliates may be found via the e-Scholarship Repository.


USMEX has published more than 150 titles. Its peer-reviewed monographs and anthologies meet the highest academic standards and continue to make a substantial intellectual contribution to literature on Mexico.

Research Associates

USMEX has created a network of fellows from across the University of California campuses as well as at leading institutions and universities in Mexico.