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Wednesday Seminars

Break up your week with USMEX, when on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. the center gives the floor to a USMEX Fellow to highlight their respective research while in residence. Learn about a wide range of topics, plus get in on the discussion.

If you are not in San Diego and would like to attend via Zoom videoconference, contact Greg Mallinger at 

Upcoming Events  

"Variations in the Circumstances of Law Enforcement: Detention and Torture Beyond the War on Drugs in Mexico"
April 24
Speaker: Daniela Barba, USMEX Fellow
Discussant: David Shirk, Professor of Political Science, University of San Diego

"The Octopus and the Leviathan: Urban Politics and the Rise and Fall of Authoritarianism in Mexico"
May 1
Speaker: Michael Lettieri, USMEX Fellow

"Cárdenas was Calling Us:’ Race, Class, & Settlement in Mexican & Spanish Exile Imaginaries"
May 8
Speaker: Kevan Aguilar, USMEX Fellow

"We are the Slaves of the Twenty-First Century: Life and Labor among Mexico’s Indigenous Migrant Farmworkers"
May 15
Speaker: James Daria, USMEX Fellow
Discussant: Gaspar Rivera Salgado, Project Director, UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education

"The city that was not: environmental problems and urbanization of Mexico City in the 1950s"
May 29
Speaker: Sergio Miranda, USMEX Fellow
Discussant: Emilio Antunano, Postdoctoral Fellow, UC San Diego International Institute

"Clients or Citizens?: The Bureaucratic Costs of Claim-Making in Mexico"
June 5
Speaker: Tesalia Rizzo, USMEX Fellow
Discussant: Scott Desposato, Professor of Political Science, UC San Diego