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Christina A. Sue

Associate Professor of Sociology, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Christina A. Sue

Non-Resident Fellow

Research Project: Ethnic and Racial Classification, Inequality, and National Ideology in Mexico

Research Interests: Comparative race and ethnicity, Latin America, immigration, ethnographic and qualitative methodology

Christina A. Sue is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. In January 2023 she will join the University of Texas, San Antonio as a Professor of Sociology. Her research interests are in the areas of race, ethnicity and immigration, with a regional focus on the Americas. She is author of Land of the Cosmic Race: Race Mixture, Racism, and Blackness in Mexico (Oxford University Press, 2013) which examines how national ideologies in Mexico influence Mexicans’ understandings of racism, race mixture, and blackness, in addition to being a contributing author to Pigmentocracies: Ethnicity, Race, and Color in Latin America (UNC Press, 2014), which was based on data from the Project on Ethnicity and Race in Latin America (PERLA), Sue led an associated PERLA survey designed to capture the experiences of Mexicans of African descent living in the Pacific coastal region of Mexico.

Her most recent book Durable Ethnicity: Mexican Americans and the Ethnic Core (Oxford University Press, 2019), coauthored with Edward Telles, examines various dimensions of the Mexican American experience, including ethnic and national identity construction, language use and political views among Mexican Americans living in Los Angeles and San Antonio. Most recently, her work has focused on how ethnoracial categories are conceptualized and constructed by the Mexican state in government surveys, and the statistical consequences of these constructions. In addition to her book publications, Sue’s work appears in edited volumes and journals including the American Journal of Sociology, Annual Review of Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies.